Diamond Series

Timeless Design

Meet our modern design, innovative technology and functional movement comfort. The Newline series, which comes to you after a long working period, is a new look for modern bathrooms.

High Standarts

8 mm ESG  The standard definition of the modern cabin is a stable and robust construction, ease of use, silence and ergonomic ...


Softclose, Newline, every move becomes an experiment. Because our soft-close sliding door systems are unique. The Softclose integrated braking system brings the doors to a fully closed position by slowing down the doors.

  • Standard Height (Shower Head) 195 cm
  • Standard Height (Bathtub Top) 160cm
  • Standard Glass Thickness 8 mm
  • Standard Used Glass Tempered Transparent
  • Customized production can be done depending on demand

Colour options

  • White
  • Matt Silver
  • Shiny Silver
  • Chrome
  • Matt Gold
  • Shiny Gold
  • Color (Sand Beige - Mocca - Anthracite)

ModelSchemaSizeEntry ClearanceTolerance
DIAMOND D121 120← 49cm→+5 mm
130← 54cm→+5 mm
140← 59cm→+5 mm
150← 64cm→+5 mm
160← 69cm→+5 mm
170← 74cm→+5 mm
DIAMOND D131 150← 49cm→+5 mm
160← 54cm→+5 mm
170← 59cm→+5 mm
180← 64cm→+5 mm
190← 69cm→+5 mm
200← 74cm→+5 mm
DIAMOND D231 120x80← 52cm→+5 mm
130x80← 57cm→+5 mm
140x80← 62cm→+5 mm
150x80← 67cm→+5 mm
160x80← 72cm→+5 mm
170x80← 77cm→+5 mm
180x80← 82cm→+5 mm