Vega Series

Economic Comfort

Economical accessibility and excellent sealing performance provide a distinct advantage with long-term use and robust profile structure. The tolerance advantages of the series allow  easy fit and assembly. It's much easier to personalize with digital pattern and sandblast pattern options.

  • Standard Height (Shower Head) 185 cm
  • Standard Height (Bathtub Top) 150cm
  • Standard Glass Thickness 8 mm
  • Standard Used Glass Tempered Transparent
  • Customized production can be done depending on demand

Colour options

  • White
  • Matt Silver
  • Shiny Silver

ModelSchemaSizeEntry ClearanceTolerance
VEGA D121 120←49cm→+30 mm
130←54cm→+30 mm
140←59cm→+30 mm
150←64cm→+30 mm
160←69cm→+30 mm
170←74cm→+30 mm
VEGA D131 150←49cm→+30 mm
160←54cm→+30 mm
170←59cm→+30 mm
180←64cm→+30 mm
190←69cm→+30 mm
200←74cm→+30 mm
VEGA D132 80←43cm→+30 mm
90←49cm→+30 mm
100←57cm→+30 mm
110←63cm→+30 mm
120←70cm→+30 mm
130←77cm→+30 mm
140←83cm→+30 mm
VEGA D142 120 +30 mm
130←50cm→+30 mm
140←55cm→+30 mm
150←60cm→+30 mm
160←65cm→+30 mm
170←70cm→+30 mm
180←75cm→+30 mm
VEGA D231 120x70←52cm→+15 mm
130x70←57cm→+15 mm
140x70←62cm→+15 mm
150x70←67cm→+15 mm
160x70←72cm→+15 mm
170x70←77cm→+15 mm
VEGA D242 70x70←37cm→+15 mm
80x80←42cm→+15 mm
90x90←49cm→+15 mm
100x100←56cm→+15 mm
110x110←63cm→+15 mm
VEGA D342 80x80←48cm→+15 mm
90x90←54cm→+15 mm
100x100←54cm→+15 mm
110x110←61cm→+15 mm
VEGA D441 80x120x80←52cm→+15 mm
80x130x80←57cm→+15 mm
80x140x80←62cm→+15 mm
80x150x80←67cm→+15 mm
80x160x80←72cm→+15 mm
80x170x80←77cm→+15 mm